The Frezoli style is inspired by the atmosphere of old factories.

Een typische loft woning waar de oude aluminium fabriekslampen tot hun recht komen.

Frezoli industrial lighting


Before the fluorescent light was introduced en masse, many factories, warehouses and workshops were lighted by heavy hanging lamps, attached to chains or thick steel wire.

By the 80s, an increasing amount of these industrial buildings were reconstructed to studio’s and living accomodations. Characteristic for these buildings were the rooms with high windows, supporting beams made out of wood or steel and the concrete or wooden floors. The original industrial lamps often stayed in use to leave the atmosphere intact.

This “loft-style” was so succesful that in recent years many new built houses and renovation projects were designed in this fashion.

Inspired by this industrial look TierlanTijn designed an entirely new line of lighting.

The FREZOLI line is characterized by a contemporary, burly, unpolished collection with an industrial flavour from past times.

New in our assortment is the Lott hanging lamp 100% produced from cast aluminium and recently also available with retro look filament led lamps that are also dimmable.

NEW Lott


A loft is a spacious dwelling in an old factory or warehouse.
These spaces were originally used by artists, they needed a lot of space with high ceilings to make their paintings.
Later on these old buildings were converted into real residences.


Old industrial lamps

The old factory lamps and old industrial lights are often characterized by the aluminium upper side with underneath a big steel shade hanging on a steel chain.
The aluminium part of the lamp was/is required to conduct the heat of the light-bulb, aluminium being a good conductor of heat.
The loft lamps usually give a lot of light enabling to properly work.



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